Saturday, June 1, 2013


Recently there are a lot television programs about cooking. There are the talent show about cooking either. Me as a housewife like this show, because I can’t cook so I can learn from it. Hhmm.. the chef also handsome, well.. That’s plus point.

But, I don’t like when the ingredients are strange for me –its name never heard by myear- and hard to find in the market. But why these days the chef are dominated by men. In my hometown, usually women is in the kitchen. Now the chef is prestigious job, in my perspective surely.
I think this is a chance for everyone who wants to be a chef and now a lot of culinary school has been opened, and it’s quite expensive. People more interesting to study it because it become a good business and make a lot of money.

TV Show like MasterChef which is one of the RCTI programs, a big TV Station in Indonesia, giving a chance to everyone who has various background with no specially skill at cooking –such as housewife, student college, office boy, etc.- to compete in this program and become a winner as Master Chef.

MasterChef Indonesia has 3 mentors or judges who selected all the participants of the competition from many cities in Indonesia to final and the last, choose one participant as the winner.
The mentors or judges in MasterChef Indonesia are:
  •  in MasterChef Indonesia 1, Chef Marinka, Chef Juna and Chef Vindex Tengker,
  •  in MasterChef Indonesia 2, Chef Marinka, Chef Juna and Chef Degan,
  •  in MasterChef Indonesia 3, Chef Marinka, Chef Degan and Chef Arnold
MasterChefIndonesia in 2013, 3rd season with Chef Arnold who become new comer in this program replace Chef Juna, unfortunately cannot bring new colour and taste in this program. In my opinion, Chef Juna has strong character who able giving more image to this tv talent show.
That’s my opinion, how about you?

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